Why work with Labor Staffing?

Labor Staffing, Inc. is a temporary staffing agency with the operations of a traditional temporary service as well as the modern benefits of a payroll service and management company. Labor Staffing will target clients who will benefit from our low cost, high insurance levels and decades of experience. We meet the challenge of our new clients with innovative approaches by using creative systems and technological advances to manage people, time and equipment.

Here are just a few of the industries we serve:

  • - Hotel & Hospitality
  • - Landscaping & Golf Course Maintenance
  • - Hospital & Hospice
  • - Manufacturing & Warehouse
  • - Janitorial Contract & Facility Maintenance
  • - Butcher Shops & Grocery Stores
  • - Automotive Repair Shops
  • - Contract Packaging & Re-packaging

Built On Strong Management With Solid Ethics

Because Labor Staffing understands and serves the needs of our client, ninety percent of our clients have come by referral. If you need temporary staff for the week, a special project or as a full-time supplement to your labor needs; you want reliable, qualified and hard working people supported by an agency that is dependable and ethical. With Labor Staffing you get a truly hands on management team and the best work force. To many of our customers, one of the more attractive things about Labor Staffing is that we are accurate in our payroll and invoicing. We are fully insured for workers compensation and employers liability but you will find our pricing to be very competitive. Our clients experience a savings when they use Labor Staffing rather than using a traditional employer setup with an insurance agent.

Are you looking for a staffing partner?

Give Labor Staffing a call at 404-209-1112

Meeting Your Needs With Flexible Solutions

Labor Staffing, Inc. has developed preferred provider status with major multi-national companies. We also have an extremely high retention rate of keeping our customers as well as temporary workers. These retention rates allow you to do what you do best, run your business.